Not really a fan of preppy Lilly Pulitzer anything, BUT what she said makes sense. (Photo via theheavenstartshere)
Almost forgot that I have this blog up and running in the vast expanse of the internet.  It is pretty miserable that I haven’t posted anything for the last month because whenever the temperature goes up I become a totally different person.  I lose interest in writing and more interested in reading because you can do that while sipping mai tais on a beach (I have yet to imbibe Ernest Hemingway’s genius of writing intoxicated). I also become more focused on having all the joys of my travel for myself alone, and yet, there I was seeing all updates from all corners of the social network from everyone, everyone except everyone who actually reads this blog.  And so this question: So, what have you guys been up to lately? I ask because we are on the last dog days of summer and I am pretty sure most of you have been doing a lot of traveling and discovering of new places.  This entire conversation would work if you just leave a comment on this post and answered my question.  But it can also work as if I am just talking to myself (because, you know, I do get to read this blog because uhm, I wrote it) and I say this: “I went to the beach!”  Then detailing what happened…to myself.  (Although hopefully my voice reaches real people because otherwise the clinical term for my condition would be schizophrenia).  
While I wait for anyone to care to share their summer exploits in this post, I will just go ahead and write about mine.  I mean, that’s the point of this blog, right? So the next posts for the following week will be about where I (and my quarter-life friends) have been to lately this summer and also wonderful discoveries like packing your bag in a really organized way and even DIY waxing.  They might be totally boring if you don’t know us OR if you don’t like to travel, though. (or if you’d like to leave your body hair alone).
‘til then, happy travels!


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