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While all of us would agree that to travel is a joy, packing for it is another story.  If we could skip that part and just magically have a backpack or luggage neatly organized as we go out the door than that would be great.  However, unless you are a billionaire and/or Mariah Carey who have a personal assistant to do everything for you, packing things for a trip is a cold, hard truth in one’s life.  Of course, packing will be fairly easy if we could just stuff our whole house in a bag but since we consider lots of things, i.e. size of your bag, the health of your back and airline luggage weight regulations, we have to be smart about it.  I am now convinced, after years of living out of suitcases (and backpacks), that packing is a science and also an art. It just doesn’t happen– it has a formula and at the same time you have to be creative about it.

 I discovered a couple of wonderful posts in the blogosphere about this human dilemma and so I share them with you.  I could, of course, do my own post on how I pack my things but these posts from other bloggers are just so nicely photographed, I think you deserve to be seeing them instead of my amateur pictures (and I don’t own photogenic travel stuffs like say, a Louis Vuitton luggage).

Photo via Park&Cube
I told you they have nicer, photogenic things.
This one really presents the whole packing ritual in a very organized manner and gives indispensable tips on how to fold (or roll) your clothes, the order of placing things in your luggage from top to bottom, what to stuff inside your shoes (I know!).  And she got wind of these tips from none other than the people at Louis Vuitton! Who is that classy looking traveler at the airport? Why yes, it’s you!


I love, love, love Apartment Therapy.  Even before they became this super blog/online magazine that they are now, I have been drooling on their pages of well-designed/quirky/messy-organized featured homes and spaces.  Now, they have included other lifestyle topics such as technology, food and yes, travel!  These two particular posts focuses on longer, overseas trips and lists things that the bloggers brought along with them that balances work + play options. It is a life-changing discovery to know that one can pack for month-long (even three-month long) trips with just a carry-on luggage and a laptop bag. Hey, if Dora can explore the world with just a backpack, so should we.


Photo via Seventeenth&Irving

Parkas, boots and knits– these are all bulky, no doubt about it.  So how to pack light with these essential winter items? Is it even possible? In a carry-on? Apparently it is, claims this clever blog and after reading this post, I am a believer that it can be done.  However there is still a question that kept on bugging me: Why haven’t I read this post before my wintry 5-day trip to Seoul last year? It was already posted then but why didn’t I bother searching for it? Why?!!?!

Aren’t those posts helpful and beautiful? But what’s that you say? What’s my tip? oh, ugh, fine! I cannot leave you hanging as you guys hold your breath! This will be  my only tip then, just one and it will make a difference in your life: Pack light. (Please pretend you’ve never heard that before)

So that’s all the wisdom I have for today, folks. Happy Travels!


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