Coron: Simply Paradise

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 “I often wonder about people who live in tropical destinations.  What do their screensaverslook like?” –  Comedian Derick Lengwenus

 In a country where exotic summer destinations are aplenty, it will be quite rare for someone to easily
choose a favorite.  But for your consideration, ladies and gents, how about, Coron?  From the deep
abyss of its waters to the  peak of Mt. Tapyas– you could say that Coron is gorgeous from head to toe.  
If you haven’t been there yet, then you are missing big time on probably one of the most beautiful  places 
on Earth.    Not that we’ve ever been to all the places on earth, but Coron is just too amazing for words. 
Too amazing that I’ll just shut up right now and let our captured photos do most of the talking.


Kayangan Cove features the Kayangan Lake which you will reach after a 10-minute hike along a tropical forest.  The lake boasts as being one of the cleanest lakes in the country and is actually a mix of sea and mountain spring water.

Kayangan Cove view from halfway up the trail to the lake. Photo courtesy of Clarisse Hernandez
Kayangan Lake.


The twin lagoon, as its name suggests, houses two lakes separated by amazing limestone formations.   To get to the other lake there are two options: you can climb the makeshift stairs to the other side or through the small opening of the limestone wall between the lagoons.  When it is high-tide, though, you need to swim underneath if you will be going through that opening–  sounds and can be actually dangerous if you are not careful but that’s the exciting part, right?  Of course this follows that you should be an experienced swimmer, otherwise, take the stairs.

limestone walls surround the two lakes of twin lagoon.


Take in magnificent views of the town and Coron Bay during sunrise and sunset after climbing the 700+ flights of concrete steps leading to the peak of Mt Tapyas.  If you think that’s working up a sweat, wait ’til a 50 year-old man jogs way past you for his daily early morning exercise. THAT’S working up a sweat. 

Cross atop Mount Tapyas (Image by Clarisee Hernandez)
Viewed from Mt Tapyas: Sunrise over at Coron Bay

If serious beach bumming is your game plan then make Malcapuya island your play ground.  Long stretch of white sand and crystal-clear waters makes this island a perfect backdrop for your lounging days in the sun.  The marine life in the surrounding waters is also very abundant– a snorkel in the waters near the beach will give you an unending view of colorful corals and schools of small fishes.
Gorgeous scenery from the viewing deck of Malcapuya. (Image by Clarisse Hernandez)
Chatting.  More fun in the Philippines. 🙂


Malaroyroy island is actually a private island that features a short stretch of beach but has amazing rock formations surrounding it.  Though not as “postcard pretty” as Malcapuya, there are few if not any people here (except for the caretakers) thus giving it a “private beach” feel.  It is also quite interesting in that it features mangroves on the opposite side of its beach area and it is connected by a sandbar to nearby island, Bulog Dos.

View from the rocky “hills” of Malaroyroy. (Image by Clarisse Hernandez)

Mangroves at Malaroyroy


Like its nearby Malaroyroy, Bulog Dos also features a small beach with rock formations surrounding it.  From here you can walk down the sandbar that it shares with Malaroyroy during low tide.

From the vieving deck of Bulog Dos you can see the submerged sandbar connecting to Malaroyroy. (Image by Clarisse Hernandez)

Gorgeous scenes aren’t they?  But even before you set foot into anyone of the coves or islands we just stated here, the boat ride alone is quite breathtaking.  I mean, look at this….
I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen blues like that before, and with rolling clouds in the horizon almost kissing the sea! Talk about picture perfect!  So the next time you might be wondering where to go, somewhere idyllic, still unspoiled and ultimately awesome… well, our photos have already done the talking.
The QLV girls hard at work (and play!) for you. (Image by Clarisse Hernandez)

xo, K

Coron Island Tour arranged by :
Calamian Islands Travel & Tours
Rosario St., Poblacion, Coron, Palawan
contact nos.: 0939-5696596/0917-7590268

Special thanks to our good friend Clarisse for some of her photos that we used here.  She is brilliant with pictures.  🙂


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