Design Inspiration: Kate Hudson’s gorgeous bedroom

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Photo via W Magazine

Hello to our growing number of loyal (and i use the term “loyal” very loosely) readers.  From two, I believe this blog has gained one reader just because typhoon Mina decided to saunter along those three days of the long weekend, forcing almost everyone to stay at home and finally that one person to stumble across this blog.   Obviously, our new reader has nothing better to do.  But fear not, new reader, your idleness will not be in vain for just in time, I am going to make an entry after about 2 weeks of slacking-off.  Yes I still wrote, even if I was left here at home while the other half of this blog goes somewhere not in the Philippine area of responsibility to enjoy the long weekend -and I hope to have something to write about when she gets home (P are you getting this?).  Since we’re all at home and probably just spending those rained-in days in our beds, I want to share with you this drool-worthy bedroom of Kate Hudson.


Photo via desire to inspire

Would you look at that.  Don’t you just want to lie in bed all day in that room?  Or lounge around in your silk robe in those large, plush pillows?  This room is a refreshing take on bohemian luxe.  There is a decidedly Moroccan feel to the room made known by a few key pieces like the ornate screen on the bed’s headboard and the mother-of-pearl inlay design on most of the furniture; however, this room is made effortlessly chic by doing away with easily obvious choices like Persian carpets covering the floor or Moorish lamps hanging from the ceiling, and also by letting lots of natural light into the room.  This got me thinking: what is it with Morocco and bohemian style anyway?  Is Morocco the mecca of bohemians?  Do vagabonds and artists convene there once a year and tell tales of their travels and non-traditional pursuits?  We may never know it, my friends, for such is just one of the many mysteries shrouding the alluring elements of design (ooh… i’m so waxing philosophical on this one).  And yet when we picture the bohemian’s abode–an artsy folk or musician, perhaps– we conjure images of fabrics draping the entire room, as if to make a bedouin tent (if they don’t already live in one), intricately-designed Moroccan/ Persian rugs on the floor, and large, cushion pillows thrown about for equal measure. This room, however, just skims over these images and gives a tasteful version of bohemian style.

Photo via Roman and Williams

This brilliantly designed room is made possible by Roman and Williams (if you are an architecture/ interior-design addict like me you should check out their portfolio, they are visually inspiring).  If pre-conceived notions and paparazzi photos are anything to go by, I would say that the design reflects the combined aesthetics of Kate Hudson and former husband, Black Crowes front man Chris Robinson.  Kate Hudson seems to me as that free-spirited, bohemian girl tempered with a glam Hollywood vibe while Chris Robinson is that hippie, anti-establishment guy disguised as a rock star.  I wonder if the design of this room have changed now that Kate is with Muse front man Matt Bellamy.  Well, he is a rocker too so it could still be the same. Times are hard, people you have to pick lovers according to your interior design.


Photo via W Magazine

I am so in love with this bedroom that am inspired to have it for my own room.  While I could probably find inexpensive stuffs to match the design, there is still one caveat: those sheepskin carpet and rugs maybe hard to keep clean without professional household cleaners cleaning it in some fancy, technologically advanced way.  Sorry for my lack of knowledge on the maintenance of expensive rugs but how do you clean sheepskin anyway?  They’re so luxurious that I suppose a lavish treatment is the only way to maintain them.  See, such are the times when I wish I was a Hollywood movie star or an heiress of some business empire.  Its not about the fame, the money, the designer clothes you get to wear everyday nor having say, Ryan Gosling* as your boyfriend.  No.  It is about keeping my exotic animal rugs clean!  Oh, if only my diva attitude comes with talent.  But since it does not, I guess I’ll be settling for white cotton rugs instead.

*(Not that Kate Hudson dated Ryan Gosling but well if I was a Hollywood star like her, I would snag him in a second!)


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