A night of debauchery calls for comfort food

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“Is that a turkey sandwich?”  No need to ask a stranger for comfort food, Borough is here.
(Still image from “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”. Copyright 2008. Columbia Pictures)
So… we still have quite a hang over from the Incubus concert last Thursday.  If you watched said concert and are watching that night’s videos posted on youtube, drooling over the concert’s photos and creating a playlist on your iPod titled “Incubus Manila tour 2011” (with the all the songs that they played on the concert arranged accordingly) then yes, you definitely have a hang-over with a bit of crazy mixed-in. We could go with the present mood and post something about the concert again or anything Incubus-related but then that would be a bit too much and most importantly we are not an Incubus fan-site.  Instead, we are going to be stealth and talk about what we ate after the concert which is exactly what those intoxicated (with alcohol, drugs, music and/or delusions) need: good, hearty, comfort food.

24×7 restaurants and dining places are quite popping-up these days just as call-centers and vampires have proliferated our culture.  We recall that back in our college days when bar-hopping was the rising sport among coeds and yuppies, you only have three choices for an after-party chow: McDonald’s, Jollibee and your generic convenience stores.  Starbucks is a go-to as well but more of an “it” place to hang-out after well, already hanging-out and seriously people, Mocha Fraps after binge drinking is not a good idea.  Nowadays, every where you look there’s something 24/7 and the battle lies in not only how good the food is but the ambiance of the place as well.  Enter, Borough in The Podium.

Borough is aptly named after the five boroughs of New York City, the city that never sleeps.  Its main come-on is NY-style comfort food especially for when you feel like a bad hang over is imminent at 1 in the morning. The interiors of the place is rustic/modern which reminds you of those NYC lofts– a bit unfinished, slightly off-hand yet somehow still homey.  They have two entrances: one is inside the Podium and one on the side of the mall near the car park where you can enter after-hours.
Photo via Spot.ph

Their menu boasts of all-time faves like your good ‘ol mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheesecake, etc.  Would you all agree that cheese just makes everything better and thus is the ultimate ingredient for comfy food?  We do.  What we ate at past 12 midnight might not be good to our thighs but hey, when you are talking about comfort food, no calorie-counting is needed. Anything buttered, fried and cheesy is welcome.
To a non-food critic like me, what we ate are all very good.  The food maybe not out-of-this world stellar, but at an ungodly hour the important things are the friends that you enjoyed the food with and that the food is also enjoyable (read: not that bad at all.)  Prices are much expensive than your Big Mac but the servings are good for sharing and this is not a fast-food joint with their fluorescent lighting and noisy environment.  This is casual dining with ambient lighting and a relaxed feel perfect for friends telling tales of the night’s affairs over much better food.

Beer-Battered Fish and Chips.  Served with herb mayo and chili vinegar.

Cheese Injected Portobello Pita Pocket.  In our case its Cheese-injected Portobello Burger! We asked to have it done that way because there’s 3 of us sharing and true to their NYC-cool attitude, they easily obliged.  (How nice is it that you can make such a request without having to fight with the waiter or do the “can-i-talk- to-your-manager” scene?)  The original, pita pocket version comes with potato chips instead of the fries.
The Penne Puttanesca (or what’s left of it half-way through).

The Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake.  Their cake of the day.  I say anyone should have a chocolate cake for a better world.
The Brooklyn Cheesecake (another must)

Pardon the photos that probably didn’t make the food look appetizing but if their already-eaten shots are anything to go by, we forgot to take a presentable, pre-bite photo and launched on to devouring servings instead– that may be a testament to how hungry we are and how yummy the foods really are.
Borough by Il Ponticello is located at the Ground Floor of The Podium in Madaluyong.  For reservations call 5708906.
By: KC

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