Third time’s always a charm: Incubus live in Manila!

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Araneta Coliseum  (now, Smart-Araneta Coliseum) was filled to the rafters last July 28,2011 as Incubus played great music for their beloved Pinoy fans, making it the third time the band held a concert in Manila. We have to say, the crowd is still as enthusiastic and loud as the first time they came here in 2004 if not even more so.  And boy, do the Filipino fans come in sold-out, coliseum-style throngs!

Band guitarist, Mike Einziger probably knows that fact too well when he calls the 2011 Manila tour as another “Thrilla in Manila”.

Perhaps it is because of our high-spirits that Incubus keeps coming back. Not that we are now analyzing their reasons for coming back here.  Heck they could play a concert everyday outside our house and we really wouldn’t mind.  Even if our neighbors might complain and force us to move out; but they probably wouldn’t because they love Incubus as well (this could be somewhat true: a friend who lives next to my house and the ones who live five blocks down like Incubus, if their “likes” on facebook are anything to go by–KC).  Who wouldn’t want a night of good music, with talented musicians playing each song in soulful and er, orgasmic rendition?  We don’t know about you but that sounds like an awesome night to us.

We did say ‘orgasmic’, right?

Even if our seats didn’t give us the best views for photos worthy of music magazine spreads, every centavo spent on those tickets were all worth it for a number of reasons.  Just to get it out of the way, one of the reasons include resident hottie Brandon Boyd’s bare torso (it was for a few quick seconds, though. meh, better than nothing).  We are girls who watched this concert, people. Deal with it.

Wasn’t able to take a photo of him when he pulled his shirt up.  One has to be in the moment for that one. 

Another reason would be the Philippines’ “super band” Franco (we do cringe a bit when they have to be introduced as such) who were the front-act for the concert.  Franco played a great set and were “fucking awesome”, as front man Franco Reyes would so eloquently say as superlatives go.  When we first heard them a couple of months ago, they do remind us of Incubus somehow but still distinct with their own Rastafarian style.  We know that the supposed main job of a front-act is to get the crowd warmed-up for the main event which Franco did; but they also proved that they are no amateur, mediocre band who, god forbid, might do an Incubus cover.  They held their own and were just really, truly good– no-frills and melodrama needed.

Franco for the opening act.
Twenty other reasons are the twenty songs Incubus played generously for the adoring audience.  Each track was executed quite flawlessly and biases aside, Incubus is definitely a rarity as live acts go: they sound good as on record, if not even better– a testament of their superb musicality.  The encore parts for us stood out the most, especially when they performed “In The Company of Wolves”  which we haven’t heard prior to the concert (Gasp!  How could we, right?) but man, talk about pure, aural ecstasy.

17. Crow Left of the Murder
19. The Company Of Wolves

But this night after all, is about Incubus fans seeing Ben, Brandon, Chris, Jose and Mike (all alphabetically billed because we do not play favorites here) live in the flesh, doing their magic.  It is one thing that a band or a musician just plays music or sing songs because that’s what they do but it is definitely a delight  when you see the ones who are not only talented but are really touching you with their music. If you are an Incubus fan we can all say in unison: Oh, wonderful and glorious three hours of our lives!

After Manila, the next stop in Asia of the “If Not Now, When? World Tour” is Japan on the 30th and South Korea on the 31st.  For a complete list of tour dates and places, go to

Incubus’ latest record, “If Not Now, When?” is the band’s “unabashed, romantic, lush, sonic love letter to the world”, as Brandon Boyd would describe it. It is now available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon.

(If you are an old-school, CD cover freak like me, you can still get original CDs at your favorite record bars as you have always done for years.— KC.)


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