Design your life: Kylie Minogue’s "Red Blooded Woman" Music Video

kylie, red blooded woman, sexy


I really like Kylie Minogue.  Most of people who know me as that girl who professes her love of Incubus on a daily basis and blurts out indie rock band names out of her mouth like its basic knowledge; and yet those who are really closest to me can vouch that I adore Kylie Minogue.  She just seems genuinely sweet and fun!  And if I’ll be able to look as good as her in my 40’s then I am happy.  When I learned that she will have a concert here in Manila (which was held last night), I was ecstatic and yet suddenly faced with a dilemma since Incubus will also be having a concert on the same month.  If I have the money to dispense for expensive concert tickets, I could go to both but since my day job is my day job, I don’t have that luxury.  Eventually, my undying love for Brandon Boyd won which confirms that I am a Red Blooded Woman, indeed.  So as it will be a good segue, click on after the jump to see key pieces in letting out your inner “sexy” as Kylie would have it.


Black corset.Php1,500.00,  fmvsweetbutterfly
Modern Demi Curve Skinny Jeans in Nickel Grey, Levi’s
Human Nature Hydrating Lipstick in Sweet Nectar, Php250.00 Beauty Bar
Tall Black Boots, Php 2,400.00, Sassyspot


Chiffon cocktail dress, Php 650.00, Duchess Clothing
“Brody” dress, Php 1,600.00, olivia&fifth

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