Exciting New South Wales: a prelude

australia, new south wales, travel, vacation
Pardon my brother.  This was my best Harbour Bridge shot and he is in it.

When people came to know that I will be in Australia for holiday and to attend a cousin’s wedding, most quickly asked, “Where? In Sydney?”. Perhaps its what comes naturally; most know a country from its capital.  Like when Filipinos abroad asks some Filipino tourist “When are you coming back to Manila?” and you answer knowingly that they meant Philippines because you are really from Bulacan.  But there’s definitely a whole lot more to Australia than the city with that famous Opera House.  Quite specifically, there’s more to New South Wales than Sydney.

In the upcoming posts, I prepared a journal of sorts of places I have been taken to by my lovely relatives in New South Wales.  Of course like any first-time tourist in Australia, The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are my must-see and a photo-op is inevitable on these landmarks but surprisingly there’s so much more to see and take pictures of, places that I haven’t even read about.  This is probably because I was obsessed in planning to get that perfect night shot of The Opera House (which I believe I didn’t.  Oh well, there’s always the next time).  Blessed with a cosmopolitan city, limitless beautiful sceneries, resplendent beaches and adventure in every corner, New South Wales has something for everyone and everyone will definitely have their own part of New South Wales that they love.

Watch-out for our related posts…


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