Design your life: Reality Bites

90's, reality bites

The “Design your life” blog series features the style and design of movies, literature, music and how it can inspire one’s lifestyle by laying out items, things and nuances reminiscent of the subject of the series.

Movie stills credits: Jersey Films and Universal Pictures

By: KC

Who has not seen “Reality Bites”?  While it is not critically-acclaimed nor has it won any Oscars, it will always be remembered as that definitive coming-of-age film for the Gen X. I was in fourth grade when it first came out– definitely not anywhere near 20, but I got to watch it on a rented VHS with my childhood friend since we both have a huge girl crush on Winona and after watching it we kind of liked Ethan Hawke too.

Watching the film takes you to the laid-back and grungy looks and style of the 1990s. Before, you can go for a night-out wearing loose shirts, jeans and really dirty hair— you have made an effort if you go out on a printed dress and just an inky red lip stain.  Now everything is so fresh and clean and glossy which can be too much at times don’t you think? Despite different tastes in aesthetics, twentysomethings of this generation can definitely relate in the sentiments, joys and frustrations of Lelaina Pierce and Co., not to mention the reverberating chorus of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” playing somewhere in our confused lives.

Take a look at our grown-up ’90s picks…

Carrera Andy/S sunglasses
The Gap Vintage shirred-shoulder T


M.A.C. lipstick in Ruby Woo
Levi’s 501 Boyfriend Jeans
J Crew Maggie Trouser
Thomas Mason fabric solid boy shirt
Madewell Scenic route shirtdress
Madewell windowpane plaid shirt
Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vintage Maxi Dress
Lisa Loeb and The Nine Stories, Tails

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